Mutants and Masterminds based campaign. More so on a Marvel level rather than DC as far as powers and systems.

Shadow Rising Super Hero Campaign
Campaign designed for 5 players. Start Power Level 5 (75 Power Points), Power Limit 2 Powers 1 per 3 Power Levels up to 5 Powers. Heroes must choose at least 2 complications, 1 motivation and any 1 other (can be 2 motivations). For each Weakness selected (up to 2) heroes gain 10 Power Points. Motivations are considered weaknesses if they adversely affect your character in a very serious way (phobias, disabilities, etc.). Motivations that are considered Motivations according to the rule book do not count as weaknesses. Characters are to be between the ages of 15 and 19 as the campaign focuses on characters graduating from high school (whether it is for “special” people or not is a player choice; however, all high schools in the city share the same graduation ceremony regardless of the student body). The campaign begins in rural South Dakota and the town is famous for its “special” school for students with abilities; however, there is also a regular high school as well. Any character can have an alternate identity; however, only students who attended the regular high school can have a “secret” identity (one that is not common knowledge as there is a power registration system in the “special” high school.). Combat is as follows: roll an attack check=D20Attack Bonus vs. Defense Class of opponent. Degrees of failure (5 point increments) determine the outcome of the attack. 1=-1 to further resistance checks against damage, 2=dazed until EOT and -1 to further checks against damage, 3=staggered and -1 to further checks against damage and if target is staggered again apply the fourth degree of effect (incapacitation). The defender of an attack will roll a damage resistance check=Toughness vs [Damage Rank +15].

Shadows Rising